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Airx RX 109A Hospital Disinfectant Cleaner

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RX 109A is a highly concentrated detergent, disinfectant, fungicide, virucide* and odor counteractant formulated to meet rigid hospital requirements even when used in hard water contaminated by organic soil. RX 109A combines highly effective quaternary ammonium compounds with modern synthetic detergents, emulsifiers, builders, water conditioners and Airx odor counteractants in one product. It has qualified for hospital use by its effectiveness against a wide range of gram negative and gram positive bacteria including pseudomonas aeruginosa. EPA registered to kill Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 (HIV-1) (associated with AIDS) when used as directed. It is recommended for ready availability as a pre-cleaner and as a disinfectant where there is a likelihood of contamination by blood or body fluids with the potential for transmission of HIV.

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