• Micron Wipe 10 packs in red, green and blue.

    Micron Wipes 10 pack

    Micron microfilament wipes are a great alternative to conventional microfiber cloths. The thinner microfilament traps more dirt, dust, liquid and bacteria than ordinary microfiber. 5-10 time...
  • Spray-N-Roll II Sprayer

    Spray-N-Roll II Sprayer

     SPRAY-N-ROLL II DUAL TIP SPRAY SYSTEM The Spray-N-Roll will make cleaning and disinfecting your facility quick. Perfect for applying the Airx Spray-N-Go disinfectant to grocery carts,...
  • Spray-N-Go Mini

    Spray-N-Go Mini

    The SNG Mini holds 1.5 liters or 50 ounces of product and is small and easy to use. If you are a traveling sports team take the SNG with you to disinfectant the locker room area you will be using...