Product feature: Jetclean, a crazy good stain remover!

Product feature: Jetclean, a crazy good stain remover!


Have you ever had a nasty spill on your beautiful, clean carpet and think, "Great, now my carpet is ruined, that stain is gonna be there forever". We've all had that panic moment that our clean carpet is from then on, always going to look dirty because of those one or two bad stain. Jetclean is the perfect product to alleviate those irritating stain situations!

Jetclean is an anti-resoil stain remover. What does this mean? Jetclean does not have anything in it that is going to create a sticky film residue on your carpet. When the Jetclean liquid is sprayed onto the stain, it dries to small, transparent crystals with the dirt encapsulated inside. These non-stick crystals then dry to a non-stick powder that is easily removed by routine vacuuming. 

Jetclean is extremely easy to use. That cute dog in the picture above is my dog Toby, and as you can imagine, he sometimes has a doggie accident on our carpet at home. If I catch Toby in the act, I quickly dab up the mess with a paper towel, then after I get as much of the liquid up as possible, I go in with Jetclean - I spray it directly onto the spot (make sure you remember where the stained spot is, I like to leave the paper towel over top so I remember exactly where to spray Jetclean) and then I use a microfiber mitt to lightly scrub the product into the stain. The product then dries up, encapsulating any gross stuff left from the stain, as well as taking away any smell leftover, then we just vacuum our house as usual and any residue from Jetclean comes right up.

Not only is Jetclean great at spotting carpets, it is also effective at spotting other types of fabric that can be found on furniture and other household items. Jetclean is a fantastic product to have on hand for really any mess around the house. It even takes away stains that have been sitting in your carpet for years and years - trust me, I just used it last night for some doggie accident spots I've been putting off cleaning for way too long. It's like getting a professional grade carpet cleaning but at a fraction of the cost and without the noisy machines or any of the hassle with a professional cleaning company. 

Give it a try on your stained carpets and let me know what you think!

Jetclean is available in Quarts, Wipes and individually packed spotting towels. Click here to check it out on .

Dec 13th 2017 Nikki J.

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