Jetclean Wipes

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Meet JetClean, the ultimate carpet cleaning solution. This encapsulating cleaner is expertly engineered to eliminate tough carpet stains with ease. Its advanced technology captures and lifts away grime, restoring the vibrancy of your carpet.

But we didn't stop there. Now we've condensed the same powerful technology into a portable, ready-to-use format: JetClean Wipes. Ideal for quick spot cleaning and perfect for all textiles, JetClean Wipes offer superior cleaning in a convenient package.

JetClean Wipes are safe to use on all carpet fibers, even the latest generation of stain-resistant nylon and wool. Quick, easy, and effective, our wipes redefine carpet cleaning. Say goodbye to bulky cleaning equipment and hello to fast, efficient cleaning with JetClean Wipes.

Choose JetClean for a refreshing living space. Our carpet cleaning solution and wipes deliver exceptional results that are a testament to our commitment to quality. Revolutionize your cleaning routine with JetClean and JetClean Wipes. 


Spot Cleaning: JetClean Wipes can quickly and efficiently clean up sudden spills or stains on your carpet, saving you time and hassle.
Upholstery Refreshing: Use JetClean Wipes to clean and refresh the upholstery on sofas, chairs, and other fabric-covered furniture.
Car Interiors: JetClean Wipes are excellent for cleaning car seats and carpets, removing the stubborn dirt that accumulates over time.
Stain Removal: The advanced encapsulation technology makes JetClean Wipes perfect for removing tough stains from high-traffic areas on your carpets.
Pet Messes: JetClean Wipes can handle pet messes, efficiently cleaning and neutralizing odors on your carpets and upholstery.
Rug Revitalizing: Use JetClean Wipes to spot clean and refresh area rugs, making them look vibrant and new again.
Textile Cleaning: Beyond carpets, JetClean Wipes are safe and effective on a variety of other textiles, including curtains and fabric blinds. 


Resists Resoiling - There is nothing in Jetclean to create a sticky film. It dries to small, transparent crystals with the dirt encapsulated inside. These non-stick crystals dry to non-stick powder that is easily removed by later routine vacuuming.

Fast & Easy To Use - Jetclean is ready-to-use. One merely sprays it on to dampen only the soiled ends of the carpet pile and they brush it in. There's no need for complicated extraction machines, no need for defoamers, etc.

VOC Compliant - Meets toughest rule for this type of product regarding release of hazardous, volatile organic compounds.

Nylon Certified - Meets chemical specifications for use on latest generation nylon, so as not to affect factory treatment for resistance.

Multiple Use - Not only is Jetclean great at spotting carpets, it is also effective at spotting other types of fabric that can be found on furniture and other household items

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