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Airx RX 22 Odor Counteractant Spray

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  • RX 22 Odor Counteractant Spray Quart (Large Image)
  • RX 22 Odor Counteractant Spray Gallon (Large Image)
$10.95 - $135.95


RX 22 is an institutional grade odor counteractant spray that has been intensified for faster action and longer lasting control of foul odors. RX 22 is an instant action odor counteractant that eases foul odors in institutional, industrial and commercial situations. It contains Airicide odor counteractant designed to change the size and shape of odorous molecules so they are not recognized as the bad odor they would have been. Then, RX 22 leaves a pleasant residual aroma to freshen articles on which used. As a space deodorizer, RX 22 is superior for spray or fog applications because it is slow to evaporate, allowing droplets to be carried to every remote part of the room.

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