Truekleen Enziclean

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Enziclean is a safe, very effective bioactive cleaner, organic waste digester and odor eliminator designed especially for porous floors & walls. Formulated with a pleasant scent, ENZICLEAN is recommended for use at food service and food processing facilities, as well as in institutional restrooms and shower areas. Enziclean's bioactive agents are based on a highly optimized bacteria mixture that produce five different types of enzymes (i.e. lipase, amylase, protease, cellulase and urease).These enzymes effectively break down organic matter such as grease, food, blood, cellulosic fibers and urine, for easy removal. After application, surfaces are left extremely clean and odor free.

  • Brightens the surface well beyond traditional cleaners.
  • Consumes unsightly, smelly organic matter embedded in concrete, tile, grout and other porous surfaces.
  • Blend of safe enzyme producing bacteria and biodegradable surfactants that keep cleaning long after use.
  • 400 billion non-pathogenic bacteria CFUs per gallon.
  • Deep cleaning action reduces slips & falls.
  • Pleasant scent is left behind after use.
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