Truekleen Silk Essence Luxury Soap

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A superior quality, creamy white, pearl-like liquid soap for washing the hands, the full body and shampooing the hair. It is made with pure coconut oil and has great cleaning ability, yet kind to the skin. Silk Essence is lotionized to prevent drying, and is viscous so that a little goes a long way in hand wash- ing, showering and shampooing.

  • High Quality: Looks like and feels like silk. Radiates an image of quality whenever it is used.
  • Pure Coconut Oil Base: Made with 100% pure, cosmetic grade coconut oil. Still the very best ingredient for rich lather and superior cleaning.
  • Gentle to the Skin: Contains special emollients and lotionizers to soften the skin.
  • Full Bodied: Just the right viscosity. Spreads like a lotion so that one uses only a drop or two at a time.
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