Truekleen 22 Karat Finish

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The right product for beautiful, safe floors requiring minimum maintenance. This modern blend of clear acrylic polymers is easy to apply and dries to a high gloss without polishing. Resists black marks and scuffing, resists tracked in water and is not harmed by surface cleaning with detergents, but can be removed easily when desired.

  • More Durable: Other finishes may not literally wear through, but they pick up dirt and black marks, become badly scuffed and discolor necessitating stripping and recoating. 22 Karat stays clean and clear.
  • High Gloss: Dries to a high gloss without polishing and is an excellent base for spray buffing to a brilliant, mirror-like finish.
  • Water Resistant: Resistant to spills and to water tracked on floors during bad weather.
  • Detergent Resistant: Floors maintained with 22 Karat can be mopped or even scrubbed with a mild detergent solution without removing the finish or harming its gloss.
  • Easily Removed: In spite of its resistance to water and detergents, 22 Karat can be easily removed with its companion stripper when desired.
  • Versatile: May be used on vinyl, VAT, VCT, rubber, linoleum, marble, terrazzo, concrete, brick, flagstone, epoxy and other resilient and non resilient floors.
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