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Airx RX 77 Plus Non-Acid Toilet & Bathroom Cleaner

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  • RX 77 Non-Acid Toilet & Bathroom Cleaner Quart (Small Image)
  • RX 77 Non-Acid Toilet & Bathroom Cleaner Quart (Large Image)


RX 77 clings to where it is applied for longer contact time with the soil and more thorough cleaning. It contains Airicide odor counteractant to neutralize odors in the air. RX77 is a safer. more effective, non-acid disinfectant cleaner and odor counteractant that replaces high acid bowl cleaners.Can be used both inside and outside the bowl and urinal, and because it contains no acids it can be used safely on toilet seats, tile, terrazo, chrome, aluminum, stainless steel, glass and other surfaces requiring cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing. Deodorizes in four ways: 1. Kills orgnisms that produce odors. 2. Removes organic matter. 3. Contains Airicide to neutralize airborne odors. 4. Leaves a pleasant residual odor as evidence that the cleaning job has been done.



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