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Airx RX 80 Sanitizing Carpet Cleaner

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  • RX 80 Sanitizing Carpet Cleaner Gallon (Small Image)
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RX80 is a low foam concentrate that cleans and sanitizes in one step. For use with all models of carpet extraction or "steam cleaning" equipment and all "bonnet" spray cleaning systems. RX 80 is a step ahead, in both technology and performance. Its surfactant system removes oily soil without need for solvents. It emulsifies oil so completely that it eliminates soil redeposition. It is so advanced technologically that both U.S. and Canadian patents have been granted for its composition. But it is most unique in that it has been granted EPA registration for its sanitizing action...And is the only shampoo with AIRICIDE to neutralize foul odors. It is recommended for the cleaning of any carpet made of colorfast fibers, but its unique sanitizing and odor neutralizing features make it ideal for use in nursing homes, hospitals, locker rooms, children's nurseries, restaurants and other locations where odors might develop before or after cleaning. Now effective with low moisture cleaning methods and against mildew stains. Like most sanitizing products RX80 is cationic and is not recommended for use on stain resistant carpeting.


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