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Airx RX 200 Foaming Instant Hand Sanitizer

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  • RX200 50ml Personal/Handheld Dispenser (Small Image)
  • RX200 950ml Tabletop Dispenser (Large Image)


It has been long recognized that one of the most critical steps in preventing transmission of disease is the frequent washing of the hands. But washing thoroughly every time someone touches something that might harbor germs is not always possible or practical, so we compliment the person that came up with the idea of the high alcohol gel that theoretically can be used as many times a day as necessary for instant hand sanitizing. The problem is it requires 62% alcohol to kill germs ... and that much alcohol can dry the skin.

When hands are dry and scaly, germs are more difficult to kill, and when the skin is irritated, those that should sanitize their hands don't want to use the alcohol gel. Now there's a hand sanitizer that doesn't depend on alcohol as the active ingredient. It's RX 200. The active ingredient is Benzethonium Chloride that will not dry out the skin with frequent use, and still kills germs in 15 seconds. You also use half as much with the RX 200 foam dispensers. (50 mL per bottle)

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