Airx RX 30 Degreaser & Deodorizer

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A high powered combination cleaner, degreaser, deodorizer for removal of heavy greasy soil and the foul odors that goes with them in and around refuse and trash collection and disposal equipment. Like all Airx products, it contains AIRICIDE Odor Counteractant, that is released when it is mixed with water. DEODORIZES - Like other Airx products RX 30 contains Airicide, a proprietary odor counteractant that merges with foul odor molecules in the air to change their size and shape so that they are not recognized as unpleasant when they reach the nose. HIGHLY CONCENTRATED - The odor counteractants contained in RX 30 are so powerful that they are effective even when diluted 500 parts to 1 (approximately one ounce in four gallons of water). A little RX 30 will go a long way. MOISTURE RELEASED -  When sprayed with water, that dilutes and reduces the effectiveness of other deodorizers, actually accentuates the odor neutralizing ability of RX 30. WIDE USAGE - Counteracts malodors from garbage, trash, fats, oils, fermentation, decay, mildew, etc. and removes the source of such odors for long lasting effectiveness.

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