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Airx RX 99 Water Soluble Deodorizer

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RX 99 is fortified with 15% AIRCIDE to truly erase foul odors, not just mask them. The finished product is a highly effective odor counteractant that mixes readily with cleaning solutions, rug shampoos, rinse water, etc, or you can simply dilute with water for spray application. The AIRCIDE changes the size and shape of odorous molecules in the air so they will not be recognized as foul odors when they reach the nose. 15% AIRCIDE is enough to freshen stale air and to erase unpleasant odors from cigarette, cigar, and pipe smoke as well as odors from cooking, painting, beer, liquor, etc. The remaining 85% of RX 99 formulation is a complex of special cosmetic grade fragrances that leave a clean pleasant aroma that lasts long after application, to make the areas in which RX 99 is used a more pleasant place to stay, to shop or to work.

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