Truekleen 3D Heavy Duty Butyl Cleaner

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$14.95 - $69.95


3D is a heavy duty cleaner/degreaser that combines modern hard water tolerant, free rinsing surfactants with water miscible, fast acting grease cutting solvents for economical, thorough removal of heavy, built-up greasy soil.

  • All Purpose: This one product does hundreds of cleaning jobs merely changing dilutions.
  • Does the work easily: It penetrates, dissolves, lifts, suspends and floats away the toughest soil without hard scrubbing.
  • Low Foam: Use with a sprayer, pressure washer, automatic scrubber or just a mop and bucket.
  • Buffered: Formulated to maintain its power and cleaning ability when a used solution is spread to a new area.
  • VOC Compliant: Meet today's restrictions on Volatile Organic Compounds.
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