Truekleen Karpex Extraction Cleaner

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Karpex multi-purpose carpet cleaner is a unique product formulated for commercial carpet cleaning that does the work ordinarily requiring several products. It combines modern surfactants and water miscible solvents for the optimum in its ability to penetrate, suspend and remove imbedded dirt and greasy, oily soil.

  • Superior Cleaning: Far superior to other carpet cleaners in removing greasy, oily soil and caked in dirt from carpets in restaurants, offices, manufacturing plants, etc.
  • Multi-Purpose: Karpex by itself can replace spotters, pre-sprays, mop on cleaners, extraction cleaners and bonnet cleaners, while also doing a better job.
  • Faster Cleaning/Faster Clean-Up: The Karpex formula works faster in cleaning the carpet and because greasy, oily soil is emulsified it rinses quickly from the equipment used.
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