Truekleen Con-Sen All Purpose Cleaner

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Too often, all purpose cleaners are made to be the lowest price per gallon, where economy to the commercial/industrial user really depends on cleaning ability when diluted for the cleaning job to be done. Con-Sen has been formulated for true economy for the end user. It is a highly concentrated complex of the best quality, all synthetic detergents available.

  • Economical: Cleans better with less product and it’s not artificially thickened. Con-Sen contains more top quality cleaning ingredients.
  • Moderate Foaming: Produces enough foam to know you’ve been cleaning, but not so much as to be a problem in removing the dirty solution. Cleans with foam where over-wetting could be a problem.
  • Suspends Soil: Penetrates, lifts and keeps soil in suspension for easy and complete removal without the chance of redeposition.
  • Hard Water/Cold Water Tolerant: Cleans with no film even in hard water areas and saves energy by working equally well when diluted with cold water.
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