Truekleen Activ O Non-Butyl Degreaser

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The original Activ VIII patented non-butyl cleaner degreaser now fortified with d-limonene which is a natural solvent extracted from the skin of citrus fruits. It is not only safer than petroleum solvents, but more effective in dissolving typical greasy, oily soil. Its citrus scent leaves a pleasant aroma in the work area after it is used.

  • Non-Butyl: Butoxyethanol (butyl) is frowned on by some because it is suspected of harmful effects if absorbed through the skin.
  • No Petroleum or Chlorinated Solvents: A further indication of the safety of Activ O.
  • Degreases: Dissolves or emulsifies difficult to remove greasy, oily soil, not just easily removed dirt.
  • Fast Acting: Cleans heavily soiled surfaces without hard scrubbing.
  • Non-Flammable/Non-Combustible: May be used for many jobs instead of hazardous solvents.
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