Truekleen Mandarin Power Citra Cleaner & Degreaser

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Mandarin Power is a unique combination cleaner/ degreaser combining two of our industry’s most unique ingredients. It includes new technology surfactants with improved ability to suspend soil for the best cleaning and free rinsing, combined with d-limonene, a natural solvent extracted from the skins of citrus fruit.

  • Natural Solvents: Contains renewable resource solvents in place of petroleum solvents.
  • Stable Blend: The solvents and surfactants are emulsified to prevent separation, even in long time storage.
  • Economical: Mixes with water to the desired strength for your individual needs.
  • Non-Combustible & Non-Flammable: Though Mandarin Power contains effective solvents for cleaning, even at full strength, it is not a fire hazard.
  • Rinsible: Dirt, grease, oil, etc. rinse away easily with water and leave no solvent slick.
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