Airx RX 20F Fabric & Carpet Air Freshener

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  • RX 20F Fabric & Carpet Air Freshener Quart (Small Image)
  • RX 20F Fabric & Carpet Air Freshener Quart (Large Image)


RX 20F is a ready to use (non-aerosol) spray formulated for institutional and commercial use to eliminate all types of foul odors in textile fabrics and fibers. The absorbent fibers in carpets, upholstery, draperies, and other textile products act as wicks to hold, and then release foul odors into the air... or they can radiate an aroma of freshness, with RX 20F giving evidence of cleanliness and good housekeeping in the whole area where used. The latter is easy with RX 20F - it contains AIRICIDE, our proprietary, proven effective odor counteractant. AIRICIDE acts to immediately neutralize bad odors in fabrics and textile fibers so they will not fight the pleasant, long-lasting fragrance of the essential oils in RX 20F.

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